Thanks to the diversity of our Savings and Placement solutions, it is possible for us to meet your requirements in terms of the availability, profitability, liquidity and security of your Savings in the best possible way.

Would you like to invest your capital in Short Term or Medium & Long Term Savings Products? Our Advisors, backed by the BANK OF AFRICA group expertise, provide you with the most suitable solutions to your requirements.



Savings Accounts, Term Deposits & Cash Vouchers

Flexible and affordable solutions at a guaranteed rate to boost your savings safely.

Monetary UCITS (1)

Highly liquid solutions with a range of UCITS (1) adapted to different investment strategies and profiles.


Securities Products

Equity & Bond Placements based on suitable opportunities and market trends.


Crescendo Life Insurance 

A Life Insurance contract allowing you to parlay and transfer a capital as well as prepare your projects; Opt for a strategy that is both protective and attractive: you benefit from an optimal rate of return in addition to tax and providence advantages.


Bond & Diversified UCITS (1)

The UCITS range provides you with an easy access to the different financial markets, a secure placement, the availability of your placements at any time, management entrusted to experts, and favorable taxation.

(1) UCITS are BMCE Capital Gestion products marketed by BANK OF AFRICA.



Retirement & Education Savings: to prepare for your future as well as the future of your children.


Active Retirement

Build up and parlay or transfer your capital at your own pace. Prepare for your retirement and your projects or have additional revenues at your disposal.


Education Savings

Prepare for a serene future or build your children's future