civil servant family welcome package

Are you or your spouse a civil servant?


Join the clients of BANK OF AFRICA which opens the doors for you on a world of privileges.


Benefit from the new fixed rate offer set up exclusively for you at only MAD 8 per month for the whole family:


This includes:


  • A checking account exempt from account maintenance fees.
  • A bank card with contactless technology valid for 4 years, allowing withdrawal and payment in Morocco and on foreign websites.
  • Free access to BMCE Direct’s remote banking services to check your account and carry out your transactions any time at a reduced rate.
  • Free access to the Mobile payment solution: Daba Pay.


Thus, your spouses, whether they are civil servants or not, will benefit from the same flat rate offer for free. As for your children aged 16 to 25 who are still pursuing their studies, what’s better for them than to learn about banking services and budget management while benefiting from most banking services for free thanks to the Young Campus Pack offer.