The Group's corporate social responsibility policy consists of fulfilling its undertakings and making ongoing progress as part of a process of implementing priority initiatives in relation to its overall policy based on the principles of materiality to meet to two types of challenge:

  • The potential impact on BANK OF AFRICA Group’s performance and the medium-term business model;
  • Stakeholders’ vulnerability.


These challenges have been mapped in a materiality matrix which identifies the sensitive, important and vital CSR challenges that need to be monitored.


The CSR challenges are then categorised with input provided by a firm of consultants specialising in non-financial performance as well as engaging with stakeholders and taking on board their expectations.



  • The Group’s sustainability through comprehensive risk management, incorporating environmental, social and governance aspects
  • Compliance with laws and regulations



  • Training and employment prospects/Career management
  • Workplace gender equality – non-discrimination principles and policies and promoting women to senior management posts
  • Labour relations
  • Occupational welfare initiatives
  • Customer satisfaction and managing complaints
  • Respecting and protecting customers’ interests/personal data, cybersecurity
  • Ensuring that customers do not get into financial difficulty
  • Ethics, integrity, preventing fraud and corruptionCorporate governance - internal audit and control mechanisms
  • Sustainable Finance - positive impact finance solutions - SRI
  • Respecting and promoting universal human rights in respect of society, health, education, access to basic social services
  • Responsible business conduct – suppliers’ attitude to CSR/respecting suppliers' interests
  • Helping to eliminate child labour from the value chain and from society – commitment to social causes – educating children - programme*
  • Occupational health, safety and well-being
  • Environmental Management – reducing direct negative impacts