Salaf Baraka

Become a social housing owner with the Salaf Baraka credit, the key to your ownership dreams.

The purchase of a home is a decisive moment in everybody’s life. BANK OF AFRICA supports you at every stage to help you realize your dream of ownership.

Covered by the guarantee fund of Damane Assakane housing loans, the Salaf Baraka mortgage loan makes it possible for you to acquire your ready-built home. You simply sign up for a loan that covers up to 85% of the total value of the property, including the additional costs.

And to allow you to pay off depending on your financial abilities, BANK OF AFRICA grants you the possibility of a long-term monthly repayment. Finally, to provide you with more flexibility, Salaf Baraka can be partially or totally callable at any desired time.


Your BANK OF AFRICA advisor is at your disposal and offers you optimal solutions to ensure that your home is purchased in the best conditions.