Pack Jeunes Campus


Are you a student between 16 and 25 years old, and you would like to have a practical formula for managing your budget? BANK OF AFRICA offers you a customized offer, with a multitude of advantages, for MAD 0 per month!


Components of the package



  • A chequing account; no chequebook, exempt from account maintenance fees
  • A "Jeunes Campus" credit card allowing you to :
    • Make withdrawals from all ATMs in Morocco;
    • Pay for your purchases in shops equipped with TPE;
    • Pay on Moroccan and foreign sites;
  • Access to the BMCE Direct remote bank to consult your account and follow your transactions at any time;
  • The possibility of opening a book account;
  • The possibility to subscribe for free to DabaPay, the innovative mobile payment solution that allows you to :
    • Transfer money, in one click, by phone number (transfer from MAD 5);
    • Withdraw money from ATMs without a credit card;
    • Pay for purchases at shops equipped with mobile payment ;
    • Make telecom top-ups and pay bills.





BANK OF AFRICA Partnerships



Partnership with the Mohammed VI Foundation of POSEF


Do you wish to apply for the merit scholarship "ISTIHQAQ" of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works, Education-Training, and you want to manage your money freely? BANK OF AFRICA accompanies you in your steps to open an account, and facilitates the modalities of reception of your scholarship as well as the management of your budget. Thanks to the free "Pack Jeunes Campus" solution, benefit from a series of advantages and receive your scholarship directly into your account at the frequencies agreed upon with the Foundation.


Partnerships with higher education institutions



Are you a student at one of the partner schools or universities or would you like to join one of these institutions mentioned below? Thanks to the partnerships set up between these institutions and Bank Of Africa, benefit from exclusive offers, from the opening of an account " Pack Jeunes Campus & M-WalletDabaPay " to the financing of studies in Morocco " Education loan + " ; " Education loan+ complementary " and abroad " Education loan abroad ".


Public institutions


ISCAE; ENCG Casablanca; Hassan I University of Settat t


Private institutions


ESCA ; EmLyonCasablanca ; UEMF ; Com Sup Casablanca ; IGA Casablanca ; ESG Casablanca ; Adalia Casablanca ; Art Com Rabat and Casablanca ; IHEPS Casablanca and Marrakech ; ESEJE Casablanca ; EFA Casablanca; HEM Tangier/Med University Tangier; UIC Casablanca; ESTEM Casablanca; SIST British University; ESSEM Casablanca; UM6SS Casablanca; Universiapolis Agadir.