Tamwil – Auto-entrepreneur

Have you got an entrepreneurial spirit? Would you like to start your own company and provide it with the means to grow?

BANK OF AFRICA, the partner of business start-ups in Morocco, offers you Tamwil Auto-entrepreneur, a professional credit specially dedicated to auto-entrepreneurs.

Start-up costs, tax consulting fees, working capital forecasts, rental of premises, equipment... setting up one’s business has a cost, which is necessary to start your business activity in the best conditions...

Specially designed to help auto-entrepreneurs start up, Tamwil is a redeemable credit whose repayment is made on a monthly basis. This is a secure financing solution, of a maximum amount of 20,000 Dirhams, backed by your current account.


Set yourself up for the successful birth of your business with Tamwil, a guarantee of sustainable financial resources dedicated to auto-entrepreneurs.